SERVICING — Daiwa Certate Hyper Custom

I’ve heard so much about this reel in the latter half of the preceding decade from friends who dislike eating fried bird’s nest. They speak of this reel with a sort of reverence and awe that’s reserved for something extraordinarily great, and the first thing they mention would be the Hyper Digi Gears from the Saltiga Z reel, that’s also driving this reel. Those gears are made of tougher C6191 alloys which will make this reel last much longer than a regular Certate, which — I understand from hearsay, is already legendary. So, as a consequence, my interest is piqued enough despite my trepidation, to want to crack this reel open to see what is the big deal about.

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SERVICING — 13 Concept A

Have you heard of 13-Fishing? Well, I don’t know about you, but other than the ‘sport’ of Gambling, I think Fishing is the most superstitious sport I’ve encountered. My late daddy told me never to step over a fishing rod, but to walk around it as stepping over will jinx it. Others believe that if you do not wash your bum (take note all you toilet paper users) and then go fishing, you’re gonna catch nothing. Many believe that one should abstain from sex before a fishing trip or risk getting no bites.

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MAINTENANCE – Salt-X testing part 3

After a night’s efforts, fishing on the East Johor Straits, sleepy and red-eyed before my shot of caffeine, I was disappointed to find I’ve used up all my pre diluted Salt-X. Oh well, I thought, now is as good a time to prove/disprove the theory that if I rinsed my gear thoroughly enough, the salt will be displaced and all would be well. So instead of taking out the syringe to mix up a batch of Salt-X, I rinsed my used lures in warm running tap water. Drained the bucket, rinsed them a second time. Drained the bucket again, and refilled with warm water, left them aside and tended to my bath.

The result put my thoughts to rest.

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SERVICING – Talica 8II Spool Bearing replacement

All things considered, I’m so glad to have bought this reel. It has an incredibly smooth and powerful drag, and great cranking power in spite of its high gearing and small size. Push into low gear, and the most stubborn shark simply gets winched from below the boat into submission — the torque from this little machine is incredible despite having only a short handle.

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