SERVICING – Shimano Ocea Conquest 201HG

This reel was launched hot on the heels of the successful 2014 Shimano Calcutta Conquest and it looked like other than a longer handle with an oversized EVA knob and a higher gear ratio, this reel must have been borrowing heavily from the 2014 Conquest’s parts bin… Or is it?

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This is my first ABU Ambassadeur since 1980. I love Ambassadeurs – you buy one and it’ll last you years and years and still work well, so you don’t have to get another one unless you want to look fashionable. This time, I got me a Revo ver 3 STX 8.0. I was sold on its very light weight (even lighter than Daiwa’s Alphas R-Edition); yet it has impressive drag numbers. The 8.0 ratio was something I thought was not viable as it would make the pinion too small, so I had to get one to find out if it is truly cutting edge technology or just a numerically impressive dud.

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SERVICING – Shimano Antares DC7

This reel has many parts that only fit one way. Screws have different sizes and lengths, Gears and flywheels have different faces and springs have different sides. So make careful notes of the orientation when you strip the reel and mark which side is up/down. Also, have the schematic ready for reference. I’ve attached a scan of the DC7 schematic for you to print out enlarged. I found the original schematic that came with the reel too small to discern the tiny details with my old eyes. I think the Calais DC sold in the US have similar parts except for an additional part – BNT2404 which is an anti reverse pawl. Come to think of it, the additional part may be a useful add on mod for Antares owners who upgrade their drag ratings.

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