4 responses to “SERVICING — 2015 Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag 10/15HL

  1. Hey Lawrence,
    Your tutorial is once again an excellent piece of literature for fishing reel enthusiasts.Amazing photos, and easy to follow instructions. Not my choice of reel, as I am purely into fresh water baitcasters, but I appreciate all quality machinery. Well done and keep them coming.

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  3. Hey Lawrence, very nice writeup! I enjoyed it very much.

    The blue metal plate is rather familiar. It appeared on the old zillion as well.

    Daiwa advertised that the protrusion was to prevent boat rash or scratches. I cant attest this, but that’s what they claim its for i believe. Other than that, you are right i guess, purely a cosmetic addition.
    Kia Jin

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