MAINTENANCE – Salt-X testing part 3

In 2013, I wrote about how Salt-X had protected my rusted reel from further rusting, and after 6-months, the rusted parts have even become shiny and rust free here: and in 2014, I tested out Salt Away for almost 18 months and was disappointed here: I had since reverted to using Salt-X for neutralising salt on all my gear that had exposure to salt water.

The Salt-X brochure even say that you need not rinse away after use because the remnant Salt-X that dries up will act as added protection against future salt exposure. I do that when I’m on long, multi-day trips or when I don’t have the luxury of time nor fresh water to wash down my gear. However, I don’t like the matt white patina that dried Salt-X leaves on my reels, so when I’m at home, I usually hose down the gear after treating it with Salt-X for 10-20mins (while I go take a bath).

I also do the same with my lures, and I’ve not seen a spot of red rust on my hooks, since I started treating them with Salt-X. I do not rinse off the Salt-X on my lures, as I want it to keep the hooks from corroding as they sit in a humid, salty tackle box. For lures, I simply dump them in a pail and pour diluted Salt-X over them for a soak. After my bath, I’d pour the diluted Salt-X solution back into a bottle and reuse it on my lures for 3-4 times before relegating the old and murky solution as a soak for my sandals. (Salt-X is not cheap, so I’d like to stretch my mileage as far as I can and so far this method seem to offer me sufficient protection).

But the human mind is a strange creature… After putting my faith in the Salt-X product, I began to wonder if it was really the product’s effectiveness, or if it’s just a placebo, and if simple warm tap water will dissolve and remove all traces of salt if I had rinsed my gear thoroughly enough – you know what they say about idle minds…

So after a night’s efforts, fishing on the East Johor Straits, sleepy and red-eyed before my shot of caffeine, I was disappointed to find I’ve used up all my pre diluted Salt-X. Oh well, I thought, now is as good a time to prove/disprove the theory that if I rinsed my gear thoroughly enough, the salt will be displaced and all would be well. So instead of taking out the syringe to mix up a batch of Salt-X, I rinsed my used lures in warm running tap water. Drained the bucket, rinsed them a second time. Drained the bucket again, and refilled with warm water, left them aside and tended to my bath.

Very obvious signs of rust on this Ima Spingulf that had been triple rinsed with warm tap water. When it was soaked in Salt-X and left to dry, the old hooks would be a dull grey and black, but never red like this.

The old battle-wary hooks on this Ima Sasuke was always a grey-black where the tin had been abraded off. But after rinsing without Salt-X, rust showed up.

After my bath, I gave the pail of lures a good agitation, then poured away the water. I noticed some spots of red rust showing on the hooks, but I didn’t do anything more than to lay them out on a pad of newspapers to dry off.

The two stock hooks on this Duo Realis Jerkbait was usually a matt black when rinsed with Salt-X. But rust spots started to show up even though I had triple rinsed it in warm tap water.

In the evening, when the lures are dried by the heatwave we are currently experiencing, all lures were showing some red rust on the hooks. I randomly took these three lures out of the bunch to photograph. It’s a re-affirmation to me that although I don’t see any reaction or any sign of anything happening when I treat my gear with Salt-X, the results prove that Salt-X does play a significant part in preventing rust and corrosion.

The results reaffirm that Salt-X is effective in protecting my gear in salty conditions, thus making the pinch to my pocket for getting this bottle less painful.

I’ll keep testing and pushing the limits of how Salt-X can help protect my gear from salt damage. Besure to check back often as I’ll update interesting observations.

Till then, Tight Lines and be safe on the water!

God bless!


PS: For those that ask where I got my Salt-X from, I mail ordered it directly from

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