MICRO JIGGING – Tie your own assist hooks II

MICRO JIGGING – Tie your own assist hooks

I did a step by step guide on this topic earlier, but the pictures were terrible and without detail. So I hope these pictures are clearer.

I went shopping yesterday to reward myself for being a good boy at the dentist’s and these are what I got:

Ah Gu’s Bullet Jigs and Crazy Tamban

I don’t know what they are really called, but the boys who told me about them called them “Ah Gu’s Bullet Jig” for those on the middle and right column, and “Crazy Tamban” for the 3 at the extreme left.

The eyes on Crazy Tamban look like the stoned stare of someone who is taking pot. Haha.

Jokes aside, these tiny jigs appear to tempt all sorts of fish..

Let’s tie hooks

Cut a piece of hollow leader, twice the length of your micro jig. Pass a ring through

Forming the eye

People ask me why I need to form such an elaborate eye when passing one end through the other will suffice. Well, that’s a habit I carried on from making wind-on leaders for my 30lb and 50lb class, billfish leaders. If you pass one end through the other, you can just as easily draw that end out when the leader is not stretched evenly tight. But if you think your chinese handcuff is strong enough for you, go ahead and bypass this section.

Pass one end through the midpoint of your Kevlar chord. I use a large eyed needle to do this.

Here, I’ve passed right through the centre.

Now pass the other end through the centre. Oops, the pictured is laterally inverted! I should be passing what was originally the left (and now the right) through the centre.

Repeat with opposite end. When done neatly, you will see there are chevrons formed at the eye.
See the Chevrons? Remember to insert your ring before you form the eye. Otherwise there is no way to insert a solid ring into the eye

The Chinese Handcuff

With a piece of mono fishing wire bent in 2, insert through the end of Kevlar chord and push out at the middle. Catch the other end of Kevlar and pull that through, forming one strand.

Pull outer sheath tight to grip against the inner chord

Lazy way of attaching the hook

The simplest way is to tie the Kevlar using a thumb knot to the shank of the hook, and pass it through the eye. Such a knot will be sufficiently strong. But my hooks have eyes too small to pass the Kevlar through. Some don’t even have an eye. So the other way is to hook through the Kevlar.

For small hooks, this may not be the best way as the shank may be too short for a wide gape hook.

My Preferred Way to attach the Hook

My preferred way is to thread the hook through the hollow Kevlar. Before you insert the point, measure against your intended jig so that the hook will be hanging two-thirds down from the top of your micro jig. In this picture, you see the hook has no eye.

Binding down the Kevlar

I use a thin 210D flat fly tying thread and a bobbin to tie down. You can use flat dental floss in a pinch.

Having a fly tying vice to clamp the hook frees your hands to do the intricate work.

Adding the flash

Here, I tied on several strips of Aurora threads for a bit of flash. You can also use Fish Skin for the element of smell and taste. I finish off with a bit fine of red kevlar thread to whip the head.

The completed micro jigs with assist hooks

The sharper eyed among you might notice Mutu Light circle hooks on the centre 2 Mameta jigs. The Tarpons around my side of the pond tend to get their gills hooked and in the fight lose their gills. Circle hooks may not get me so many hookups on a jig than a regular wide gape hook. But I’m hoping it will lessen the chance of mortally wounding any more of these fish.

Closeup of the Mameta with Mutu Light hooks

This one uses a Yamashita rubber squid instead of fish skin

Crazy Tamban with fish skin

Ah Gu’s Bullet Jig with fish skin

Hope it help you tie your own assist hooks.

Good fishing always,


Text and Images © Lawrence Lee
All Rights Reserved
If you want to use any content for your own publication, please write me @ LawrenceLee_TC@yahoo.com


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