SERVICING – Shimano Talica 8II initial Servicing

SERVICING – Shimano Talica 8II initial Servicing

Got this reel for an upcoming Sailfish trip this weekend. Initially I had wanted to get the more nicely priced Tyrnos, and I didn’t need a 2-speed for this small reel but I was smitten by the looks of this reel instead and decided to follow my heart instead of my head.

The reel came spooled with 300yds of 50lb Izorline and on first view, looks like the spool is a bit lopsided on freespool.

What’s Inside?

Cracked it open to reveal very sparing use of grease. Maybe Shimano have utmost faith in their EI coating to thwart corrosion.

Horrors! Plastic on a game reel!

Frame and left sideplate sans grease. Ugh! The clicker spring is a plastic piece. How long can this last?

Silent Antireverse

There’s no Instant Antireverse clutch bearing on this reel. Instead, is a silent twin dog antireverse comprising an ABU Ambassadeur-style dog at the top and a spring loaded dog below.

At least the gears are well greased

I don’t know what kind of black grease Shimano used, but due to lack of time, I’m not going to strip the drive train out to regrease since I see there is grease on the gears.

Shielded Drag

Drag shield is a plastic piece held by 6 tiny philips head screws.

Alarm Ratchet is not lubricated and also made of plastic. No wonder it is not loud.

Greased Carbon Drag is stock
Drag is a fuzzy, cottony-looking carbon blanket glued to a Phenolic resin backing plate. Looking at the grease on the pressure plate, the drag seem to be greased.

Greased Spool Bearings

For a reel that is touted to be a good caster, it has a very brief freespool spin time straight out of the box. Removed the bearings and found them to be grease filled ARB- treated Shielded bearings.

Simple teardown of the main parts and spool bearings. Since the bearings have a press in shield and I don’t have spares at hand, I decided on not attempting to pry out the shields this time. Degreased the bearings (there are 3 bearings, the third is still sitting in the drag pressure plate when this picture was taken) and oiled them with TSI-301. Freespool time improved. A nudge of the spool with my thumb while holding the shaft ends got me at least 20 seconds. Time to slap on some grease and hurry out.

Time To Butter Up

Quicksilver 2-4-C Marine grease with Teflon is not pretty, smells bad but works well to delay corrosion. I noticed all screw threads to be blued with Loctite.

Reassembled with more grease inside. I’ll do a more thorough stripdown after I get back from fishing.

Till then, Happy fishing!


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4 responses to “SERVICING – Shimano Talica 8II initial Servicing

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  2. Hi there. I have a Talica 16 II and have a problem. It will not engage the anti reverse. I used it last year and it was perfect. Took it out this year and not working. It’s like it’s stun unfree spool or something. In on a fishing trip right now and am sort of screwed. Do you know if there is anyway for me to fix this ? Thanks!? Vance

    • You gotta take a look at the following parts:
      #883 Anti reverse pawls x 2 are attached to #1576 Anti Reverse Ratchet.

      Also check that your low speed plunger #1552 is properly in gear. Press it all the way in till it clicks and wind. If it won’t click, press #1476 Slide plate and the plunger should pop out, giving high gear. If it won’t, check springs #996, #995 for breakage and parts #994, 993 for jamming.

      Lastly, ensure #1575 Pinion Gear B is engaged in #1580 Pinion Guard.

      Good Luck and hope that helps.


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