SERVICING – Shimano Aernos 1000FA

SERVICING – Shimano Aernos 1000FA

I must admit first, that I’m a noob at servicing modern egg beater reels although the first reel I ever stripped and serviced successfully was a Fixed Spool Shakespeare in 1976. However, my path went down the way of “conventional reels” and there, I had spent my time at, servicing the Ambassadeurs, Penn Internationals and the Shimano Calcuttas and more recently, the likes of Antares, Zillion and Alphas.

So it is with trepidation that I approach a modern spinning reel, after having spent an hour puzzling over how to strip apart a Daiwa Freams 2500. Armed with that experience, it was with equal caution and restraint that I chose to break the servicing down to 3 sittings, when I was finally compelled to service this reel after it had had several visits to the sea.

I chose to break up the servicing into (i) The Spool and Drag system, (ii) The Bail and Line Roller and (iii) The body. Since I had serviced (i) and (ii) earlier and had not documented the process, I will talk about how I stripped and reassembled the body this time. On a later date, I shall add to this step by step, how I did the first two stages.

This is what it looks like after the reel is stripped. To my pleasant surprise, it was not complicated at all, and I grabbed the opportunity to relube the bearings. But nevertheless, it’s always good to have the Schematic handy with you whenever you strip a reel.
Aernos ARNS1000FA

The Disassembled Reel
The reel in pieces
What struck me most when I took apart the reel, was the size of the antireverse mechanism. It was nearly the same size as the Rotor and each cam has its own spring to keep it tight and instant. I’m also impressed with how watertight the reel is. The day before, we were caught in a squall with 47 knot winds. My dinghy has 4″ of freeboard and the wind whipped seawater all over us and the reels. But I’m pleasantly surprised to see the insides of the reel was dry!

Re-Lube The Ball Bearings
The ball bearings were regular stainless steel bearings
There’s 2 ball bearings (RD8553) to support the Drive Gear (RD13759). Took the shields out to reveal very little grease on them. So I degreased the old lube and packed it full with a Lithium-based SureGrease lightened with some CorrosionX. Caveat: some lubes may react with others. Always test for gumming and chemical reaction before you mix lubes.

After packing, replace the Ball bearing shields and retaining clips. The Aernos has a non-metallic Body (RD14659), so there’s no need to coat it with Marine grease for corrosion protection.

Seat ball bearing (RD8553) into its housing in the Body (RD14659)

Lube the places where Oscillating Gear (RD9384) will seat with a dab of Cal’s Universal Reel and Drag Grease. (I understand there are now 2 versions available, a purple label and the old gold label. I’m still happily using the gold label version). Observe, this gear is not perfectly round and there are some triangular markings on one side. The marks are to be used for aligning with the Drive Gear (RD13759) so that line laying can be phased evenly.

Ball Bearing (RD8553) for the Rotor (RD14654) was degreased, and lubricated with CorrosionX. No greasing needed for this bearing or it will make cranking too heavy. Insert Pinion Gear (RD9376) after I’ve had lubed with some Cal’s Grease, through Ball Bearing (RD8553).

Antireverse Assembly

Roller Clutch (RD13758) has 6 individual springs to keep the rollers camming strongly. After a bath in Simple Green and dried, oil sparingly with CorrosionX. Do NOT use grease or your antireverse may fail.

Align castellations on the cover of Roller Clutch (RD13758) to the right, showing all the springs through the apertures.

Then rotate cover of Roller Clutch (RD13758) clockwise to activate the springs.

My reel has this little self tapping screw that is not listed in the schematic, to hold the Roller Clutch Assembly (RD13758) as one unit.

The underside of Roller Clutch Assembly (RD13758) has this slot that fits the Antireverse Cam (RD9377)

Rotor Assembly

Introduce Ball Bearing (RD8553) and Pinion Gear (RD9376) to their housing within the Body (RD14659). Oil Rotor Ring (RD7800) with CorrosionX and slide it down Pinion Gear shaft (RD9376), with big end facing outwards.

Align Roller Clutch Assembly (RD13758) to holes on the Body (RD14659).

Secure with 3 Screws (RD6486).

Coat insides of Rotor (RD14654) with Marine Grease to delay galvanic corrosion. (You can also use Cal’s Grease for this).

Secure Rotor (RD14654) with a 12mm Rotor Nut (RD0071)

Installing Line laying mechanism

Grease surfaces where Oscillating Slider (RD9467) contacts on with Cal’s Grease.

Oil Main Shaft (RD9463) with CorrosionX and secure to Oscillating Slider (RD9467) with a Philips Head Screw (RD1083)

Grease Drive Gear (RD13759) with Cal’s Grease. Install copper Washer (RD11146)

Install ball bearing (RD8553) to Drive Gear (RD13759).

Out of Phase

Remember the 3 triangular markings on Drive Gear (RD13759)? The two triangular marks on Drive Gear (RD13759) should align with one triangle and the pin on which Oscillating Slider (RD9467) is driven from. In this picture, Drive Gear (RD13759) is out of phase. Rotate till they align.

The hardest parts of the job is done! Go wash off your greasy hands, and steep some tea so your cuppa cha will be ready when you finish.

Go on, I’ll wait for you.

Finishing up

Fit on Side Cover (RD14655) and secure with three Slot Screws (RD0642) taking care not to overtorque as your frame is of plastic.

Slip on Rear Protector (RD13935)

Secure Rear Protector (RD13935) with small slot Screw (RD9442)

And short screw (RD3342)

Install spool and Drag Knob (RD 14650) and Handle Assembly (RD14658).

Congratulations! You had just serviced your Aernos reel! That’s all to it!

Hope you found this useful in taking care of your reel. The next time I do my Line Roller (RD10880) and Drag, I’ll remember to take photos and post them here.

Tight Lines,


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All Rights Reserved
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